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3 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement

With the shift to all things mobile, you now have the opportunity to engage with your employees in a more personal, effective manner, than ever before. For...

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Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

CX, EX and Business Strategy

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Persona Spotlight: Customer
January 18, 2018

Persona Spotlight: Customer

Customer Experience for David Visitus, User of the CXApp

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Streaming News Tactics for Your Business

The Power of Social Features for Staying Connected

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The Top Tech Trends from CES 2018

This year's CES is proving to be an interesting one. With blackouts, rain interferences, cool new tech, and 'smart experiences, we're monitoring the trends coming out...

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5 Tips for Combatting Mobile App Attrition

Since 2010, mobile-first web design and standards have taken hold and grown considerably year after year to be what they are today. At that time, Google’s CEO Eric...

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A day in the life series: Volume 5. Take a walk in your community manager's shoes and experience how the CXApp helps them foster a sense of community and build...

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What Tech Trends Will Differentiate Your Business in the New Year?

The Major Technologies Driving Customer Experience

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