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Types of Communities
August 31, 2017

Types of Communities

The key component of a successful community in today's fast-paced world is to make the message fit the optimal distribution tool. We know that today's consumers,...

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The Customer Journey: Managed vs UnManaged Touchpoints

When it comes down to the grit and grime of business and marketing - there’s only so much you can control. What and how your existing and prospective customers...

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Feature Spotlight: News Activity Feed

Hot Off The Press: Learn All About the News Feature!

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A FitBit For Your Customer Experience Program

On the surface, modern fitness trackers and related apps - like those that Fitbit offer - seem rather obvious. Marked as “smart” devices or wearable tech, they’re...

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A day in the life series: Volume 4. We'll walk in your customer shoes and experience how the CXApp helps them navigate through our mobile-first society via the power of...

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Proximity Marketing: Brainstorming Use Cases

Welcome to the Age of Interactive, Location-Aware Tech

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Feature Spotlight: Profiles

Get All the Information on In-App Profiles!

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Leveraging Proximity Marketing w/ Beacons for Managing Customer Experience in the Enterprise

Location and Bluetooth-based beacon marketing is a relatively new and fresh opportunity in the retail, enterprise, and business world. Often called proximity...

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