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Feature Spotlight: Travel & Logistics

Learn How the CXApp Can Ease Travel Planning!

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You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter IV : Post-Launch

And so, we come to our final chapter. When it comes to jump-starting a mobile-first customer experience journey, we’ve explored the concepts of internal...

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The CXApp is the leading provider of mobile event and community services for the Association of Briefing Program Managers (ABPM). ABPM is a community focused on the...

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You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter III : On-Boarding

So, at this point you’ve shared internal communications, designed an experiential launch party, increased cross-organizational awareness, and prepared yourself for a...

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Feature Spotlight: Surveys

Learn About the Power of Mobile Surveys!

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You’ve Got Your App… Now What? Chapter II : Launch Party

The time has come to throw a strategic, mini launch party… and have some fun! In Chapter I, we discussed the importance of crafting your internal communications for...

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