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Spring Cleaning Your Event/Meeting Program

Work from the top to the bottom to carry out clutter, polish, and revive drab "drapes" to invigorate your program for the rest of the year to come. 

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What Makes a Good Partner?

Shhhhh…. what do you hear right now? If we were having a conversation, or I was reading this aloud on some audible playback, what would you hear? Well, to the first...

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Marathons Are To Briefings : As Runners Are To Program Managers

The theme at this year’s ABPM (Association of Briefing Program Managers) was that striving to be or becoming a world-class briefing program is like running a...

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16 Fast Facts & Stats About Customer Experience & Mobile

March 16th recognizes National Freedom of Information Day honoring James Madison's birthday, known as the “Father of the Constitution” and a champion of openness in...

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Building A Community: Customers & Collaboration

I lost my dog. Well, I didn’t lose her per se, but she slipped through an open gate without her collar on. I noticed she was missing probably no more than 15 minutes...

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Creating A Content Engine To Spark Community Engagement

Two thirds of B2B marketers say content is fuel across all channels, including events, social, demand generation, etc. (Kapost).

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Adopting a Customer-First Approach to Business Decision-Making

At the start of 2017, there are a number of new technologies you may be considering adopting for your business. Maybe you’re thinking of investing in marketing...

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The Always-On Power of Mobile Apps For Your Business

So it goes "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". But where are you stepping to? If you're business objectives are to begin, continue, or...

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