A Mobile-First Mindset for Events of All Shapes and Sizes

By Andrea Susman

Events Are a Big Business and Demand A Mobile Interface for the Modern Customer


Regardless of your industry, location, event type, or size, one common denominator for pulling of a great event is driving engagement through a mobile interface. Mobile event apps have been on the market for awhile, especially for corporate events and tradeshows.


But where we're seeing the most headway is tracking down to events of all shapes and sizes. Maybe you thought your event was too small, maybe you thought the topics and audiences were too niche... either way, the simple answer to your questions and concerns about going mobile or not is a resounding yes!


A mobile interface helps you build better event experiences before, during, and after your event, something any event attendee anywhere can attest to wanting as part of their journey. 


The beauty of a Software-as-a-Service mobile app platform is that you can scale your usage for events from 2 - 100,000, it doesn't matter, because the power of cloud technology is that it is backed by a robust infrastructure that can expand and contract to any model, without you having to do a thing. 'As A Service' means just that, it's a service to you. We provide the software, the feature set, the support, the expertise... you just bring your device, and you're good to go!


So whether you're a small to medium size company that has a quarterly incentive trip for your top 20 performers, or a crystal healing association with an annual 100 person training event, a mobile-first approach to your event and attendee experience is within your reach.


See just how 'niche' we can go!





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