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Each year we see more companies and HR departments talking about employee experience...yet these spooky stats have us wondering, are we making forward progress or just caught in the spider's web?


Employee Engagement

Employee experience (EX), much like customer experience (CX), is designed to encompass the whole of the employee journey including every interaction, every touchpoint, and every sentiment physical, digital or otherwise. 


Unengaged employees lead to: 


  • Higher turnover rates
  • Increased costs to recruit
  • Underperformance
  • One foot in/one foot out the door
  • Poor customer experience


Your employees want you to know this information and how dissatisfied they are or actively and even passively unengaged they are. Employees inherently want to be productive, want to be more than a headcount, and want to contribute. Otherwise they would be self-employed.


So we need to do a better job at boosting the employee experience through collaborative tools, inclusive workplaces, flexible work environments, and experiences that engage the employee rather that distance them even further.


EX Scary Stats


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